Search and Recover

Rescue Accidentally Deleted Files FAST
  • checkmark-goldRecovers accidentally deleted files, photos, songs and emails
  • checkmark-goldRecovers from drives and popular email programs
  • checkmark-goldOne-click restoration makes it quick and easy
  • Price:  $39.95
  • Period: 1 Year/1 User
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Additional Info

  • Name: Iolo Search and Recover™
  • Price: USD 39.95
  • Description:

    Recovers from many devices
    Recovers from digital media and devices including cameras, music players, CDs, DVDs, memory cards, flash drives and more.


    Recovers emails
    Recovers mail from popular email programs: Outlook®, Outlook Express®, Thunderbird, Netscape® Mail, and Eudora®.


    Recovers from many drives
    Recovers files, songs, photos, videos, emails and more from many drive types: IDE. SCSI, USB, USB 2.0, FireWire and others.


    Recovers from distressed devices
    Smart technology recovers data from malfunctioning, damaged, formatted, and repartitioned drives and devices.


  • Features:
    Convenient TotalRecovery lets you recover deleted data from folders, devices, drives, or CD-DVD with a single click.
    Option to run Search and Recover directly from CD for maximum recovery and to prevent potential damage*
    SmartScan automatically finds lost data so you can get back to work immediately.
    Create virtual drives to run CD or DVD content at faster hard drive speeds.
    StrongScan finds more deleted data than other products, even years after deletion.
    Permanently and securely erase sensitive information from your PC or digital device.
    Create safe storage and backup for your important files.
    Recover deleted tasks, notes, journals, contacts, and more from Microsoft Outlook®.
    Create mirror copies of entire drives for effortless recovery and avoid future data loss.
    Features step-by-step wizards and one-click operations that make data recovery fast and easy.
    *Available in retail CD version only.