G DATA AntiVirus for Mac

Comprehensive instant protection against viruses, trojans and other malware for your Mac®.


G DATA AntiVirus for Mac offers special protection against viruses and phishing attempts for your Mac running OS X®. Not only does it proactively protect against Mac viruses, it also provides additional protection for your Windows PCs that are connected to your network. These heterogeneous networks consisting of Windows and Mac devices are also appearing increasingly often in households. Integrated phishing protection also blocks websites that try to spy on data.

  • Price:  $39.95
  • Period: 1 Year/ 1 PC
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Additional Info

  • Name: G DATA Antivirus for Mac
  • Price: USD 39.95 1 User/1 Android
  • Description:

    Security on the go for Android smartphones or tablets.

    G DATA Internet Security for Android offers comprehensive protection against malware, intrusive apps and phishing attacks. Locate lost devices or wipe their content remotely to prevent unauthorized access.
    The all new phishing and web-protection uses latest cloud technology to detect and wipe out even the most current threats. All this combined in a modern and intuitive interface, so you can stay focused on your real tasks while on the go


  • Features:

    Multiple award-winning protection against viruses;

    even those that are no threat to your Mac but pose a threat to the Windows

    PCs in the network

    Phishing protection

    fends off spy attacks on the Internet. Your bank data and credit card information are protected from being spied on


    Updates and a hotline

    help protect you against new threats and assist you in case of problems.


    Network protection:

    Detection of threats that use your Mac as a gateway to your Windows devices. Your network stays protected.


    Scheduled scans:

    Create scheduled scans and thus keep your system permanently free from viruses. You can run the virus scan when you are not using the device.


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    Multiple award-winning protection against viruses: even those that are no threat to your Mac but pose a threat to the Windows PCs in the network.